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About the YF-Sinter

Operating in the field of powder metallurgy, YF-Sinter specialize in the production of high-density sinter parts with the highest standards for geometry and sinter materials and are primarily suppliers for the automotive and power tool industry.

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    Quality Management Guidelines

    Quality assurance and constant improvement of our products and services are the main goals of our company policy.

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    Satisfied customers

    The requirements of our customers form the benchmark for our actions.
    The first class quality of our work is the precondition to comply with our customers requests and is the decisive factor in determining the success of our company and guaranteeing job security.

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    We work according to the processes

    Responsibilities are defined following the process flow. Interdepartmental thinking and working as a team lead to better results.

  4. 4
    We avoid defects

    Avoiding defects comes before correction of defects.
    We will do our utmost from the beginning to ensure that everything is done correctly and that our guidelines are followed consistently.

  5. 5
    Continuous improvement

    Our processes and products are continuously being improved.
    Our leading position in the global market can be assured through improvement of quality measures and increased  productivity.

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